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GNL achieves 13.7% uplift in new net revenue and reduces returns by -62.3% with ShoeSize.Me. Expanding their online channels with confidence.

Success Story


GNL was founded with the goal to make people healthier and happier in their shoes. Having already built a successful brand through brick and mortar shops, GNL set out to expand their online shop. By deploying ShoeSize.Me they set out to create additional revenue by reducing returns and increasing customer confidence to purchase. 



Download the success story to get the details about:

+13.7%   uplift in net new revenue through ShoeSize.Me
3.3x   higher conversions
-62.3%   lower return rate with Size Advisor users 



“ShoeSize.me makes choosing the right size easy for our shoppers and gives first time customers more confidence to purchase.

We really appreciate the data and detailed reports on how ShoeSize.me is helping to increase store revenue and minimize returns."


Eric Braunschweiler,

GNL thumb