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A/B test proven to deliver €500,000 in net revenue and €120,000 in cost savings annually on Görtz

Success Story


Görtz, a European market leader in footwear retail, conducted an A/B test on various online sizing solutions. Their conclusion was clear: ShoeSize.Me was "the most effective solution," and delivered the greatest impact on reducing returns. 



Download the success story to get details on the A/B test results:

+€500,000   additional net revenue per year
+€120,000   yearly savings in return costs
-5.4%   return rates
+4.3%   net orders



“We chose ShoeSize.Me over other size and fit solutions as we came to the conclusion that having a footwear-focused technology really pays out. 

We tested the effect on returns in a comprehensive A/B test against our internal size help tool. ShoeSize.Me came out as the clear winner and it significantly reduces returns."


Christoph Gawlik,
Head of Online Marketing

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