Kybun AG implemented a data-driven solution to unlock +274,000 CHF in additional net revenue


Success Story

Kybun AG regularly enters new markets and needed to ensure steady revenue for their online stores. As a producer of specialty footwear products, they needed to offer their customers size assistance and implemented the Size Advisor technology which brought higher conversion rates and slashed product returns. 

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“ShoeSize.Me is our strategic technology partner for our e-commerce sites, especially when entering new markets where we don't have physical stores. 

For the UK market, we have been selling exclusively online and thanks to the Size Advisor, shoppers can compare our products with the shoes they already have and buy more confidently.

We've seen very low return rates and an important increase in orders rates, which overall improves our customers' shopping experience online."

Sebastian Gomoll,
Head of Online Marketing & E-Commerce


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